How to Win in Blackjack


Blackjack winning handUnlike many other casino games, blackjack requires a playing strategy in order to win and is not purely based on luck. Playing strategies for blackjack are predominantly based on probability as there is no definite way of guessing which card will be next off the pile. Because of this, you cannot guarantee success, but blackjack playing strategies can increase the likelihood of a win.

There is a certain probability as to the likelihood of a specific card being drawn next. For example, in a pack of 52 cards, the probability of drawing a ‘3’ is 4 out of 52 (as there is a ‘3’ in each suit of cards in the pack). This is slightly more complex if you are looking to draw a ’10’ as you also have to factor in jacks, queens and kings so the probability of drawing a ’10’ is actually 16 out of 52.

Some gambling books and websites like  will offer blackjack strategy tables, in which your potential hands are corresponded with the dealer’s potential hands. At the point at which this intersects, the strategy tables will advise which move to make. Each of the different types of blackjack have their own strategy table as the subtle variations in the rules impacts on the probability of certain cards being drawn from the pile, and this has a knock-on effect on strategy. If you choose to use a blackjack strategy table to aid your playing style, make sure that it is one that matches the type of blackjack game that you are playing. Using these strategy tables is not a sure-fire way to be successful when playing blackjack, but they can improve your chances of winning as they suggest the move that has the best probability of success in a given situation. Here is a other good online resource for learning how to play online blackjack

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